Instanbul inspired salad dressing


Available in standard and bulk.

Nestled between the continents of Europe and Asia sits the ancient citadel now known as Istanbul. Inspired by the city's 550 year old Grand Bazaar, we've combined rich, smoky tahini, fruity yet tart pomegranate molasses, and an exotic mélange of Middle Eastern herbs and spices, like sumac and oregano, to create this bright, aromatic dressing. Perfect over a couscous salad, or anytime you fancy a hint of the Levant.


Provence inspired salad dressing citrus


Available in standard and bulk.

Stretching from the Camargue salt marshes to the rugged heights of the Alpes-Maritimes, Provence is easily one of our favorite destinations. Its unique light has captivated artists from Braque to Van Gogh to Picasso, and we sought to bottle that sunshine. Simplicity itself, this fragrant, lemony vinaigrette with a hint of Dijon mustard is the perfect foil for creamy or rich main courses, and it's absolutely delicious drizzled over grilled fish or lamb. Perfect for a meal on the Côte d'Azur, no need to pack


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Tokyo inspired salad dressing


Tokyo is a city of fascinating contradictions-- ancient yet ultra modern, sprawling yet cozy, frenetic yet orderly-- and our sesame, ginger vinaigrette is much the same. We've blended earthy sesame and warming ginger with soy and garlic for a sweet, spicy, umami finish to any salad, especially seaweed. It's also a dangerously tasty accompaniment for fried tofu.


Las Vegas Inspired Black Peppercorn and Pecorino Dressing


Our Caesar dressing is as iconically American as Vegas itself, so to preserve its authentic, bold flavor, we've blended the finest Pecorino and Parmesan cheeses with savory anchovies, and added lots of fresh, cracked peppercorns to create a dressing we'd like to think even Old Blue Eyes would have approved of. Just add steak and a martini.


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